Art is behind everything we do and we see everything we do as art.
— Gabriel Theuring, Founder

The story of Ennigaldi started in Ancient Babylon where King Nabonidus founded the world's first museum in 530 B.C.  The museum was named after his daughter, Ennigaldi-Nanna, who became its head curator.  Princess Ennigaldi, who was also a teacher and high priestess, taught the world the importance of preserving and celebrating art, culture and ideas of the past for all to see and appreciate in the present and it is this spirit that fuels all that we design and create.

Founded on a love of art, Ennigaldi looks to the art of past eras for inspiration.  Reframing ancient artistic references in contemporary shapes, we present our designs in a modern context, honouring design principles that have assailed the currents of time and distance.  A bag from Ennigaldi, therefore, carries more than just its contents. Crafted and hand-finished in Italy from the finest Italian calf leather and custom-designed hardware, an Ennigaldi bag is not only inspired by art but may be considered a work of art in itself.  Each piece is a vessel of transcendent ideas, aesthetic values and colour with with which we invite you to curate your world.

 The world is a museum.  You are the curator.


The creative process is a journey. From the very first spark of inspiration to the journeys our creations embark on once they are complete.  In fact, a creation is never complete.  A finished creation has only completed the first stage of its journey when it is  ready to go out into the world to inspire and to share or cross your path. It soon becomes part of the vivid tapestry behind you and there is always a lot more to come.