The love of Art is at the core of Ennigaldi and the first collection is inspired by Mesopotamian art, which shows a unique emphasis on texture, weight and strong definition. Drawing from a palette of majestic ultramarine and earthy tones of ochre and sand, the bags reflect the culture and aesthetics of Mesopotamia.

Featuring laser-cut Babylonian motifs in the finest Italian leather, custom-designed Italian hardware and formed by the meticulous work of Italian craftsmen, the Ennigaldi handbag is not only inspired by art but is a work of art in itself.



Aya is Akkadian for “dawn” and by the Akkadian period she was firmly associated with the rising sun, love and youth. Known as the Goddess of Light, she represented new love and new hope. As the wife of the Sun God Shamash, she also supported his responsibilities in overseeing justice and protecting travellers.

The Aya is an elegant hold-all for the urban traveller. The perfect size to bring on any new adventure, it will protect your possessions and guard your back while you make your way in the world.





Tiamet was a primordial goddess of the ocean, uniting with Absu, the god of fresh water to produce the first generation of gods and goddesses of Babylon. Merging salt water with fresh water, she symbolised the chaos within the cycle of creation and represented feminine beauty.

The Tiamet is a medium sized tote featuring the Ennigaldi rod and ring symbol and sharp geometric edges. Reflecting the strength and self-assurance of the great goddess of the ocean, the bag is the definition of certainty and order that ultimately rises from the infinite cycle of chaotic forces within the creative process.





Beltis was a Sumerian goddess representing love, Venus, springs and trees. Known simply as “The Lady”, she was depicted facing forward dressed in a fan-shaped headdress with full hips and her hands cupping her breasts, a strong statement in female empowerment and confident femininity.

Boldly accented with Ennigaldi’s rod and ring symbol, signifying respect and wisdom, the Beltis is artfully fashioned in a definite shape that is confident, strong and unique.





A goddess of music, Kulitta accompanied Ishtar’s hymns when she sang passionately of her love for Tammuz. She channelled music and used dance and her feminine charm to will the wishes of others.

The Kulitta is a medium-sized shoulder bag to carry your most treasured essentials. Cut in a unique long geometric shape, it signifies the power of the mind and how magnificent creations can flow from a single wish.









Sarpanit was the wife of Marduk, the chief god and the mother goddess of pregnancy. Her name means “the shining one” and she is often associated with the planet Venus. She was worshipped in the form of the rising moon and her marriage to Marduk was celebrated during the New Year in Ancient Babylon and was often depicted as being pregnant.

The Sarpanit is a beautiful mini shoulder bag to carry your essentials, giving you the freedom to greet new experiences with elegance as each day unveils them.





Mammetu was the Goddess of destiny. She decided the fate of newborns and later recognised as a judge in the underworld. A figure of prophesy, she knew the life-cycle, history and fate of every creature in the universe.

The Mammetu is a streamlined clutch featuring an ornate laser cut motif within the leatherwork, This bag, crafted in the shadow of Mammetu, is designed to carry only your most treasured essentials, the things that matter most when you reach your destiny.